Final Show of 2021 with Rex Fowler and Dodie Pettit of Aztec Two Step 2.0


Rex Fowler, Dodie Pettit and Steven “Muddy” Roues of Aztec Two-Step 2.0!

The story of Aztec Two-Step is intertwined with the history of folk/rock music in America. Originating from a chance meeting in 1971 at an “open mic night” in Boston, Rex & Neal went on to record four albums on Elektra and RCA Records that helped usher the music of the 60’s into the 1970’s and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the musical genre. Since Neal retired in 2018, Rex and his wife Dodie Pettit, an accomplished musician and an original member of The Phantom of the Opera, are now the heart and soul of ATS 2.0. Together they continue to expand and explore the band’s musical legacy with fan favorites, forgotten gems and outstanding new original compositions.

Shellye Valauskas with Dean Falcone

Based in the New Haven area, Valauskas and Falcone have been making music together for years.  In addition to being Valauskas’ songwriting collaborator, bandmate & producer, Falcone has served the Connecticut music scene since the early ’80s with Jon Brion in The Excerpts, his own Dean and the Dragsters and a host of others. He has also worked on a national level collaborating with Norah Jones, Brian May (Queen), Aimee Mann, Lydia Loveless, Susannah Hoffs and Neko Case. In 2018, as “The Shellye Valauskas Experience”, they released History of Panic, produced by Falcone, which demonstrated their shared love of the punchy pop of Crowded House, The Posies and Aimee Mann nailing a distinctive, accessible, radio-friendly sound from the start. 

Brooke Dougan

The Olde Church welcomes back local favorite Brooke Dougan who has been making music her whole life.  An open mic appearance at age 14 led to a steady stream of solo performances throughout Connecticut and now at 18 she is an experienced and talented songwriter with over 50 original songs already in her growing catalog.  Brooke’s live shows typically feature acoustic guitar while her recordings usually find her using electric guitars to create layers of sounds.  Brooke is a talented guitarist who utilizes multiple open tunings and techniques to serve the different moods of her songs.  What really makes Brooke special is the way she sings softly with an intimacy, confidence, depth and a bit of rasp.  Her songs are thoughtful with melodies that will stay with you!

If you missed our Nov show, check it out here